Lady Bowen
Bed and Breakfast

Covid Information

Lady Bowen Bed and Breakfast is proud to put the health and safety of our guests, our staff, ourselves and our community first by requiring that all staff, tradesmen and guests are vaccinated against Covid-19.  ​It is important that we provide our guests, staff, visitors, contractors and all suppliers with a safe environment to enjoy our bed and breakfast. 

A condition of staying at our bed and breakfast is:

- You agree to provide, written or electronic evidence of your Covid-19 vaccination certificate (My Vaccine Pass or equivalent) to our staff member on arrival

- You are in good health on arrival. If you are unwell on the arrival day, please ring us and we will negotiate a refund or change of date. You will not be permitted to stay on the premises if you are showing signs of illness. 

Variations to conditions of entry:

- Evidence of a Covid-19 vaccination received other than in NZ will be accepted if the evidence is standard in the relevant country, and has been accepted by the Ministry of Health.

- A vaccination exemption with written or electronic evidence, which has been granted by the Ministry of Health. 

Please Note:

If a guest arrives without their My Vaccine Pass or equivalent, they will be unable to enter the premises and the full value of the booking will be charged.  

Lady Bowen Bed and Breakfast reserves the right to restate its position as we learn and understand more about how NZ manages the fight against Covid-19 in our community. ​This policy is effective from December 3 2021 when New Zealand is in the Traffic Light system.

We understand that this is a difficult time for all.  Please be aware that we take cleaning seriously and we take all precautions to ensure that all our guest rooms and shared guest areas are Covid cleaned.

All our staff are fully vaccinated and are trained to maintain the Lady Bowen Bed and Breakfast at a high level of "Covid Clean".